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The Veterans Failed Them

The Wings just lost to the Flyers. Wow. This has to be one of the worst games of the season. The Wings were in control and then they weren't, and they lost. They had no business losing that game.

Why did they lose? They lacked leadership in this game. The Flyers simply got to them. The dirty hit on Abdelkader, the dirty play by Hartnell on Nyquist and the unfortunate follow through on Tatar(not dirty at all just unlucky for Tats). The Wings' veterans needed to step up and score on those two power plays and put the game away. The Flyers were extremely undisciplined and the Wings let them off the hook. The Wings absolutely should have won this game.

Winged Pride at this point isn't going to do daily previews and recaps of games but we wanted to do this one, to state the importance of leadership on any team. It is these intangibles that make a player like Cleary still useful to this team. To right the ship when the youngsters get riled and shaken up. However, Cleary was ineffective in this game and did little if anything to help the team stabilize after things went south. This is when you need guys like Ericsson and Kronwall to assert themselves and take a game over. They needed to make more noise tonight. The Wings go into the second intermission dominating a game(largely due to all the power play time) but only winning by one goal. They needed to score more in the second they should've been up by at least one more goal. A 4-2 game is way different than a 3-2 game and the Wings were unable finish the game early.

The Wings missed Datsyuk and Zetterberg tonight for sure. But they can't blame this game on the injuries. This game was a lack of team composure and poise. The veterans failed this team tonight and the young guys have to grow up quicker. Harsh? Maybe so. But this team is too good to lose games like this. They lost a similar game to Ottawa a few weeks back and this stretch is going to be tough enough for this team anyway. If this were game 1 of a playoff series I would be really scared for this team. They got rattled too quickly and came apart at the end of the game.