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Positional Analysis: Right Wing

This article is going to finish up the Forwards. The Wings have a good stable of Right Wingers, and Winged Pride is going to give you our opinion on them.The three guys that we will discuss in this article is Teemu Pulkkinen, Tomas Jurco, and Martin Frk. All three of these guys interest Winged Pride and here's why.

When Pulkkinen was first drafted and into the beginning years of his development he was paired him with Jarnkrok, they were labeled, "The Next Euro Twins." The two have now created their own independent identities since then, but the scouts were extremely high on him for a while. He's got a deadly shot, and is developing more offensive skills. When Pulkkinen was playing away from North America he was able to overpower any goalie with his pure shot, however now he is learning to make his game more multi dimensional. This dynamism in his game shows a real ability to adapt and tailor his game. Winged Pride believes that Mike Babcock will love this. If a young player comes up to the Red Wings and doesn't have a lot of speed it can be hard for them to acclimate to his system,(look at Andersson's struggles this year as an example) Pulkkinen is not a strong skater, however he makes up for that by being extremely hard on the puck and protecting it well. His lack of speed will restrict him when it comes to transitional play and he will have to find a way to stay ahead of the puck. If he can do that then he should be a top 6 winger. His shot alone will make him deadly on the power play. Look for him to take a huge step toward the NHL this year and look to start cracking the roster next year if he can be effective. 

Tomas Jurco is one of Winged Pride's favorite prospects. Jurco is a big strong kid and he has as much finesse as power. His multi dimensional game makes him an extremely unique and lethal player. Jurco goes hard to the net and has the ability to finish. He has elite offensive abilities, a great shot, great hands, and the ability to make plays. Jurco does need to work on his defensive prowess. If he can become a stronger defender then he should absolutely be a top 6 player. Jurco took a huge step forward last year with the Griffins and he looks to have taken another step forward this year, he is playing on the first line and he is the team's scorer. Jurco is a very impressive player who just needs to focus on making his game more complete. Scouts have compared him to Marian Hossa, that's a pretty high ceiling and Winged Pride can't wait for him to join the Wings and see what he can do.

Lastly, there is Martin Frk, Winged Pride has already done an article about Frk , but we will go over him again briefly here, Frk has a strong shot. His game is far from complete as he needs to work on his defense, his skating and his ice vision. At this point he is a one dimensional player who has struggled a lot thus far and needs a lot of work to get to his ceiling, which is a top 6 winger.

Out of all these players, Winged Pride thinks that Jurco is the strongest of this group. Although his ceiling may be lower than a guy like Pulkkinen, we think that he is much more likely to reach it than Pulkkinen. Winged Pride is most interested in what happens to Frk as he is a make or break prospect. His skills wouldn't transfer well into a bottom 6 role since his defensive game is so weak so he will have to work a lot in order to make the Red Wings. This is yet another position of great depth for the Red Wings and Winged Pride will keep our readers posted on these guys for the remainder of their development.