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Sunday Build: Intro Edition

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Earlier this week I had started reading about the composition of Stanley Cup winning teams. It sparked my interest and is the main reason that Winged Pride exists today. So I am going to embark on a new project called the "Sunday Build". Every Sunday I will post a statistical analysis of that years Stanley Cup Champion. This article will outline what I am looking for, how I am applying the data that is collected, and how the information is relevant. 

The first thing I did was compile the team's roster. I found out when the player was picked and what team drafted them. If the team traded for the player I looked into the trade and examined who the players were at the time they were traded. It didn't matter who the player used to be or who they became, it only mattered to me how good they were the season when they won the cup. I analyzed each trade they made and why they made it. Did they make the trade because a player got injured? Did they trade away young players for an established veteran? You get the point. 

After I established how they put their roster together, I looked at who their most productive players were. I also looked for any player that gave unexpected production Did they have a great year from a rookie? Did a veteran player find their stroke again and reinvent their game? Did their goalie breakout? 

Then I analyzed how they won the cup. What seed did they get come playoff time, who did they play, how did injuries affect their run. After all this analysis is done, I will draw my conclusions about why the team won the cup that year. Was it luck? Was it that they were the best team in the NHL? Did they get insane goaltending from their back end? Did they have a few players will the team to win? 

Once I get through all the teams to the current year, I will apply all of this information into how to build a Stanley Cup Winning team. Who is the single most important player on a team. The superstar forward? The rock solid defenseman? The hot goalie? Then I will go through and analyze the Red Wings in their current position, how close are they to winning, and how good is their management. This will be a long project, however Winged Pride is extremely excited to introduce the concept of the "Sunday Build."

Give us your feedback in the comment section and let us here at Winged Pride know what you want out of this section. Do you want more data? Do you want a more Red Wing centric look at team building? Let us know! Check us out on Twitter! Let's build a Winged Pride community for all Red Wings fans.