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Keep The Kids Off the Top 6

Let's all start out with a bit of excitement as Gustav Nyquist has been called up to play for the big boys. This will be his first game of the year and personally I am extremely excited to see how he is used and how he plays.

The influx of young kids going through the system has injected a lot of energy and hope for the Red Wings future. Fans are screaming for Babcock to throw Tatar and Nyquist in the top 6 and let them play with Hank, Z, or Mule. I am quite opposed to this idea. Nyquist and Tatar, at this point in their development, are not at the skill level where they can contribute an effective and efficient 2 way game against the other team's best players. By putting Nyquist and Tatar in the top 6 you neutralize their greatest assets. What I want to see (once Nyquist has a permanent spot on the Wings) is Helm centering a third line with Tatar and Nyquist on his wings. This line will almost absolutely be better than any other teams 3rd line and, come playoff time depth players become significantly more important players. 

Something that is important to remember in player development is that even though they are up with the Red Wings doesn't mean that they have peaked or that their development should in any way stop. Nyquist and Tatar should absolutely be in the top 6 in the next few years. Sammy, Cleary and perhaps Bertuzzi will all be gone from this team at the end of the year and there will be 2 spots open in the top 6. These two guys very well might be ready to grab those spots. However allowing Nyquist and Tatar to play on the 3rd line together would give this team a line with an insane amount of skill and speed. All three of these guys are quick and skilled, which juxtaposes the normal bottom 6 grinder mentality. These guys could be even more effective than the "Kid Line" that Babcock formed last year in the playoffs. Helm is a better player than Andersson, Tatar is a more skilled player Brunner, and you would have to expect that Nyquist this year is better than Nyquist last year. Projecting this forward into the playoffs, these guys could very well be the X factor that all teams who win cups. But first things first, the Wings need to figure out a way to win and playing Nyquist and Tatar on the third line centered by Helm certainly gives them an extra boost of energy that they didn't have previously.  Check us out on Twitter  for game updates and all things Red Wings.